So this year I joined a great group, called MOPS, which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers.  Mothers of Preschoolers is a nationwide not for profit organization that encourages moms of little ones to get together, encourage one another and be inspired.  Basically it’s a bunch of moms who get meet every other week for a little devotion, games, service, crafts and  special speakers.  It is Christian based so we meet at a church, and as I mentioned have devotions and discussions on how we can live a more god centered life as a mother.
 We also have some yummy breakfast and enjoy FREE babysitting!!  You know how much I love that word…FREE!!  The babysitters are wonderful family members of the woman who heads this all up, Leah Weikel.  You might want to remember that name if you live in the area (Quakertown) and want to join.  The fee if I remember correctly is $35.oo for the whole year-but really that’s peanuts after you add up all the free babysitting!!  WARNING: Babysitting is not free where other MOPS groups meet-for example Bethlehem.  We meet for two hours on Thursdays and we have really created joyful friendships from it.  We’ve had girls nights out and are planning more.   If you want more information you can contact Leah, who is the one that is in charge- I just show up, pig out and enjoy the free sitters.
Leah Weikel


Katzzmcd said…
Thanks for explaining! I will definitely have to check it out when I get to that point. Is it Thursday during the day or at night? I have been trying to find a storytime in the area too for Damon's age and I can't find anything in the evenings or weekends. If you hear about anything (even more towards your area), let me know.
Danielle said…
It is during the day from 9:15-11:15 am. I'll keep you posted!!

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