Laziness and Frustration

What a frustrating day!!! I have attempted to post this twice and somehow my words have gotten lost both times?! Grrr! On top of this my computer crashes each time I get into Word. What a miserable time I am having....and my message was superb. It was about how the pioneers lived comparing their luxuries to ours and the lack of gratitude we have in this generation. And I am a perfect example of this ingratitude right now because all I want to do is stew. My message was about reminiscing of our three days with no power in the snowy October storm we had and how it opened my eyes to the blissful invention of electric and the light and heat that comes from it. I was going to share with you that I need to make changes and do more things that help me to recognize these blessings more often,actions that require:
-reading literature about people who lived before and people who live in other parts of the world. Books to help us see how good we have it.
-cAmping with family, making meals, setting up tents and the preparation that comes with it.
- getting outside more
Yes I had all this to share in deta, buti can't now, be use I want to be a spoiled brat and be angry.


Catherine H. said…
Oh, hang in there. I think we all understand how frustrating computers and technology can be. But it can also be a blessing too. Thanks for your thoughts.
Danielle said…
Thanks Catherine. I love blogging and I get frustrated whenI can't get my thoughts out there.

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