Kids say the Darndest things

Elly: "Mommy can I have a glass of water?"

Me: "Sure honey check the fridge, I'm sure there's a water with your name on it!"

Elly checks the fridge and finds an ice cold cup of water for her.

"My name is on it?  Where?"

She scans the cup for signs of letters.  Oh isn't it so cute when kiddies take everything you say quite literally. 


Anonymous said…
Hey Danielle!

This is your old (literally, I turned 30 this year;) friend Andrea (from PA)!! I got this blog address from your mom. Let's get back in touch~my email is
Danielle said…
Hey!! HOw are ya?? Visiting my sister in April in Utah, have to visit with you!! U still in Utah?
Anonymous said…
Funny, your sis and I actually live in the same little town! I've been meaning to get her address to see if she needs anything (didn't she just have her first baby?) Looks like life is fun in Pa for you and yours:) I was a prop manager for 2 yrs out here so your last post was all too familiar lala. Your girls are adorable....wish we lived closer for playdates:P
Danielle said…
Me too! But I'll be visiting Katie in April who did just have a baby boy! We should catch up then!! Exciting!! My mom is out there citing right NOW!! Tell me when your visiting PA again and we can catch up then too.

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