Kids Change Everything

Things I Did/Have Before Kids
1) Go Dancing
2) Stay up late-on purpose
3) Go out on a date every weekend
4) A trendy closet of clothes
5) Wear Heels
6) Go to college to pursue a fancy career
Things I didn't do/have before kids, but now do/have frequently
1) Give out goofy names and talk funny (hello there my liddle widdle Brinsters/ EllyBonelli you are my my shnugga boogs
2) Refer to myself in the third person (Mommy said no! Oh Mommy is sorry, Your okay, Mommy's got you)
3) Get winded just walking up the stairs, let alone dance, sheesh
4) Have back pain, upper lower, you name it. Kids are heavier than you think.
5) Paricipate in all sorts of co ops and mother related groups
-story hour
6) Wear shirts with stains of food for he second day in a row.
In all seriousness I wouldn't trade it for the world. Oh how I love my little girls, achy back and all.


Andrea said…
Sounds like your next date night YOU need the rub LOL:P
Danielle said…
This is true!! Not a fan of the back pain.

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