Honey Moon Suite

Had this on our door going up to our bed room

So last night we had a lot going on.  Danny had his first night of school for the second semester and I had another favorite things party to attend-love favorite things parties!!  But the thing is I promised Danny 52 dates for the year.  We’ve only had one thus far, a New Year’s Game Night.  This gift to Danny is tricky, because we can’t afford sitters every week, let alone the money for a weekly dreamy date.  Sooo….most of the winter ones are micro dates.  What is a micro date you ask? I know your dying to know. 
All the fixins for a "great" experience.  Candles, lotion, massager, cd player and compliment jar.  Check!

Our bed, complete with lights flickering in the back ground and one of the massagers on the bed.

A micro date is a quick half hour to one hour date that is in the comfort of our own home AFTER the kids have gone off to bed.  And last night around 9:40, this is what we had.  The theme was Honey Moon Suite.   I cleaned our bedroom-it really makes such a difference when it is clean ;-) –changed the sheets, swept, wiped everything down, took out all clutter, changed the quilt, decorated with hearts  lit a bunch of yummy smelling candles and brought out all the massaging supplies.  I gave my best shot at recreating a spa.
  When the kids were off to bed and we were ready to start our date, Danny tromped up the stairs where a trail of hearts led him to the bed.  There he was spoiled with homemade whoopee pies (our favorite!) scented candles flickering and relaxing music playing on a cd player complete with headphones.  I had lotions for his back and gave him a good half hour back rub.  Side note:  He didn’t eat the whoopee pies (he had one earlier) AND he didn’t wear the headphones with, instead he streamed Les Miserable from his phone for both of us to hear. 
My trail of hearts leading the bed-they are also used as compliment tips that go in the compliment jar-yes I am aware that I'm cheesy

Whoopee Pies and Treats

We chatted about our evenings, he telling me about the new class, teacher and attendees, me about all the cool favorite stuff I won!  Best of all, I know how much Danny LOVES massages, and I’m so mean, I hardly give them out. Side note:  In my defense though the guy does get a back scratch every single night.  He has rated this date as a TEN!!  Who knew something so simple and inexpensive could be such a wonderful date.  Side note: Yes I did get a mini massage at the end.
       I had a tip jar-which is actually our compliment jar (will explain in detail later) for tips.  My rules for the tips, was to grab a couple hearts off the floor and write a few compliments for me, and put in the jar till Valentine’s Day.  I did the same for him.  All in all it was a wonderful micro date, and Danny said he would LOVE to do it again!!  Of course he would, he just got a lovely half hour massage!!        

What about YOU???  Got any dating tips and Ideas for Yours Truly??  PLEASE SHARE!!!!


Catherine said…
I maybe willing to offer my babysitting skills to you and Danny free of charge for one of your date nights....think about it. :)

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