Here's to Health

Ah my health, something that is always a work in progress.  Have you been wondering why I haven’t mentioned much about food as of late?  It was a new year’s goal to eat better, and consume less sugar, but have I been doing it?  Let me just give it to you straight-eating healthy will always be the hardest goal to ever achieve-for myself that is.  If I wasn’t such a sugar fanatic, if I didn’t enjoy relishing in dark dripping chocolate over light airy cake, then maybe this wouldn’t be such a challenge.  But it is.
 I will have you know that I have introduced two new  meals since I last blogged about food, so for that part at least I am on track.  Last week I whipped up some wheat pasta with fresh tomaots, green beans,  peas, Italian dressing and parmesan cheese.  It was pretty delightful and best of all, something I didn’t have to measure out, just a little here and a little there.  Tonight I’ll be throwing together a taco salad.  My version: lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, olives, beans, peppers, a bit of nachos and ranch dressing.  Not rocket science, just easy and better for me than the usual meals.  As for sweets, I can relay to you that I’m not going cold turkey, BUT I am waiting till after dinner to devour them, which actually saves me on a lot of calories and does some good for the body-cuz seriously I would have sweets breakfast! No eating after 7pm too!  Getting back on that band wagon-cuz it WORKS!!  How are you eating healthy?


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