Going on a Treasure Hunt, X marks the spot

Danny has school Thursday evenings, which has turned out to be beneficial to my micro date planning. I tend to do things last minute any how...I like to think my creative juices churn more effectively under pressure. So a couple of hours before a micro date, I whip something up. Last Thursday was a mini treasure hunt. I left heart clues with small tasks for Danny to perform.
His last clue and task led Danny upstairs to me, where I laid out two corny challenges for both of us to perform: a laundry toss-aka seeing who can toss a dirty towel into the furthest laundry basket three times in a row-seriously it was actually quite the challenge. The second task was who could make the bed in the shortest time. Danny won both challenges....and received his award, spearmint gum, his favorite. Yes it is completely corny, but I figure why take yourself seriously, that's over rated anyway.


Catherine H. said…
Great idea! You are very creative.

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