Fizzling out an Argument

So yesterday at MOPS we had a guest speaker. Gayle Hosonity is Christian marriage coach. She has been married over two decades and shared some great tips with us. I thought I should share my favorites about fizzling out an argument. Here goes....
-Count to ten before you say anything mean
-While counting to ten, think about why you are truly upset, and what you REALLY want to say.
-Make the most important point in the first five words. No need for a BIG explanation and beating around the bush.
-Use the words I or we rather than YOU. Be positive in making your point. Negativity and accusations jut shuts the other person off.
-No one can cause you to react a certain way. You have a choice to respond or react. Always ponder, what kind of response would I want? And then operate in this manner.
-Sometimes tensions get to high. Setting a time and date for later in the day, or tomorrow can avoid a fight fest.
I am eager to try these new tactics out. Not that I'm eager to search for a reason to argue with the hubby, but you know what I mean...right?
Have any effective tips? Please share!!!


Katzzmcd said…
some good tips i could definitely benef from! thanks for sharing!
Andrea said…
"If you're going to fight, fight naked" words of wisdom we got from my father-in-law on our wedding day...surprisingly effective!:P
Danielle said…
Lol! You crack me up. What about those times in public? Might Make it a little awkward. jk

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