Better Parenting for the Future Generation

We are living in troubled times.  Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, and many don’t give it a fighting chance.  Our own happiness and entertainment takes precedence over our spouses and children.  Career has crept up into first place, intruding on family time.  It is an age where children expect cell phones by the third grade, and not just any cell phones, the iPhone.  The designer clothes we are wearing, the size house we are living in, the brand of cars we drive and type of vacations we take, cloud over the responsibility we all have to care for the poor and needy.  It’s a time where reality TV is popular and we watch wealthy housewives spoil kids with elaborate birthday parties and over the top gifts.  Teen moms are officially in the lime light, as a popular way to live life.  Many of them have no problem with fist fighting and swearing like sailors on TV.  Many unmarried women of today are abandoned by their baby daddies.  
Our future: the kids of today are not being shown security, love, and selflessness. How can they live with these traits if they were never taught?  Many young adults still live at home, with no intentions of moving.  I doubt the majority of teenagers today know how to balance a check book, give to the poor, or cook something other than mac-n-cheese.  A successful adult is one who is taught to be self-reliant.  A happy person is one who was taught how to serve those around them, not compete to have the STUFF in life.   It’s a growing concern for me.  I certainly do not want my children to feel entitled for a good life they did not contribute too.  That would be doing a disservice to them.  But I’m a mother who is a work in progress, and so as I mentioned in an earlier post about mentors, I have been reading up on the professionals.  So I am sharing a wonderful book that I took out from the library to read a second time.  I hope you read it, there are wonderful ideas that I am following through with. 
THE BOOK:  Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World
BY: Jill Rigby
Please soak up the wisdom she has and apply to your parenting if you enjoy.  I know I am.


Katzzmcd said…
I think it says something about the world when that book doesn't even come up in the library system AT ALL. At least Bucks County. Interesting....
Danielle said…
Oh I'm sorry. You can borrow mine!
Katzzmcd said…
I would like looks like an interesting book. Let me know next time you are up at your parents. I will come pick up! Unless you are in quakertown at any time:)

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