Beauty and The Beast

Elly even got to wear lip gloss, blush and eye shadow
        We all would love to take our kids to a real live broadway show right?  I mean how awesome would that be?  But of course fancy shows such as these costs some big moolah, so in the meantime....while we patiently wait to make those millions, there are cheaper, more creative suggestions.  Yes there are other avenues, such as the crazy "Wiggles" and "Yo Gabba Gabba" shows, but at 65 bucks a pop, I'm thinking not, besides they are soo  weird.  I'd much rather enjoy a classic like a middles school performance of "Beauty and the Beast."
           As you can guess by now, we got to see such a show last Friday.  I have a little sister who just happens to be 17 years my younger-oh I feel so old-and she just happened to play the french maid aka the feather duster in her middle school musical. Side note:  C'mon you know the character, the one Lumiere is always trying to woo. To prepare for such an occasion we got a babysitter for little Brinley (thank you Kathryn!) and had Elly dress the part.

Elly's up do
            It was so fun, seeing all the little girls dress up like Princesses and take pictures and ask for my little sisters and other characters autographs!  For a moment there I felt like we were in Disney World with all this cuteness.  I loved hearing Ellyanna laugh  and say "It's so funny!"  She is so adorable and really was quite the princess.  Many people oohed and aahed at Elly and complimented her on her dress. I hope to bring Brinley with next time-just not now, I told you she's called our little tornado for a reason.
              It really was such fun and way more affordable than most other shows that I'm looking into our local highschool to see what musical they are performing this year.  I'm sure Elly would get a kick out of it!

Not sure why my pictures sometimes do this.  My lil sister is the one with black and white feathers


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