And you thought I was exaggerating

These are the four trash bags filled of goodies for our family

This is all the gifts laid out.  Dann'ys gifts were not opened because he was unable to make it due to work
        Oh my goodness Second Christmas has come!!  And just as I predicted we went home with four full trash bags of STUFF!!!  Yes we are spoiled by the grandparents.  And I must confess, that I was much to blame.  You see every black friday for the past seven years, I have joined the Cooper Clan in thier tradtion waking up at the crack of dawn all in the name of a sale!  Well it's not really the sales that bring us out, that's only part of the equatuion, the other half is the thrill of carrying on the tradtition.  It's a chance for us to bond, AND to get spoiled by Grandma, which I took great advantadge of this year.  Sidenote:  This was before my Aha Minimalist Idea even sparked in this little brain of mine.  And so I might have over done it on the toys, games and movies, which of course Grandma Cooper bought.  Now you've got to know Grandma Cooper, she lives to spoil, her grandkids, children and even daughter in law, but it is still no excuse for yours truly to trample all over that and keep stacking those shopping carts till their as high as can be.  To be truthful, we probably got just as much as we did last year, but knowing that I was going a little overboard, has made me feel guilty. 
           You see that's the very reason I want to focus more on the Minimalist thing, so that I can remember what's truly important, not stuff, but people.  I'm sick of having stuffitis, I would rather be content with what I have.  And so we are back at square one I beleive, because in addition to these four pre planned trash bags, the tenants who up and left with thier mess still in place, has forced us to fill our garage with thier STUFF!!!   They were supposed to have everything our of there last Tuesday, but of course this is not so.  Mattresses, a dining room table, toys, dressers, LOTS of STUFF, were just laying about the house, the carpet still covered in debris, and the walls held clocks and pictures.  Gotta love tenants who REALLY don't care about the contrats they signed and promises they make.  Oh well. It's bacl to the drawing board. Still in the meantime, I also can't wait to watch some new movies I got for Christmas.


Leah said…
I called my brother while standing in front of bags and bags and bags and yet more bags of the kids' Christmas loot(from grandparents) and said to him, "Someone has played a cruel, crual joke on me..."
Leah said…
Oops-- that was cruel, cruel.
Danielle said…
I know! It's nice to have wonderful grandparents that spoil the kids....but I have NO MORE ROOM!!! Christmas has put me three steps back. But....I'm getting back on track. Got rid of five bags this week! While still maintaining the new stuff.

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