Polar Express at New Hope

We are lucky ducks! Nonna and Pop Pop bought us tickets to the Polar Express! And yes I like exclamation points!!!
The Polar Express happens to be in New Hope PA. A charming town next to the Delaware River, filled with little shops, fancy restaurants, a canal, trail, ferry, playhouse and kids museum. I love coming here.
My hubby and I had our first date here....it was sunny and warm and the trees had leaves on them. But not yesterday, the wind was biting and our faces were rosy from the bitter temperatures. You could hear the chattering of teeth, and witness the chalky puffs of smoke from our mouths. And this is the day we decide to come early.
Once we got into the cheerfully lit and thank heavens heated passenger car, we sat down to a table with four seats. Right off the bat they handed out hot cocoas and cookies...they must have known we needed thawing.
The train began creeping out of town, and Danny and I were happy we decided to go when it was still light out, because the views were so pretty! Forrest, fancy homes, fields and ponds.
Then the entertainment came along....Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a friendly man with a guitar. Brinley's favorite part of the ride, hands down, was the guy with the guitar. Yes, while the happy man with the guitar sang carols, Brinely willingly bopped her head and swung back and forth...at least for the first half hour.
Ellyanna enjoyed visitng and taking pictures with Santa (the pics did not come out very well).
Everything went calm and collected.....and then Bribely had enough. Let me warn you, when Brinley is done , she is done. I'm talking wailing an gnashing of teeth...arching her back while turning red faced! We received everything from sympathetic stares to furrowed brows full of disdain, and why do you ask? Because for the last 45 minutes of the train ride, Brinley was up in arms....with small moments of calm, very small...tiny, micro moments.
It was not a fun experience. We discussed maybe next year not take Brinley? But of course that's a whole other year away, and really we don't want to be mean...so we shall see I guess. :-).
All in all it was a lovely time....with the exception of unwavering meltdowns....,which continued at the Eagle Diner in New hope, where we attempted to have a nice family dinner. The joys of parenthood.


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