Pizza Night at the Hansons

Had a great time Friday night. We went to the Hansons (friends of ours) for pizza night, and not just any pizza, gourmet pizzas. Mmmm....we sampled chickn bar b que, chicken alfredo, bacon and mushrooms, pepperoni, and tai pizza.
They were delicious, hands down best pizzas ever I've tried. We also had some yummy wings as well as played a game of outburst, while the kids played.
This couple has five adorable children, whom my daughters love playing with. Our other friends the Hobby's and their two children were there too.
It was boys against girls, and yes the guys won...unfortunately. But it was nice to play games, eat good food and have some fun for free! Ended with some dessert, butterscotch spice cake with rum frosting-imitation rum.


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