Our Christmas

The holidays are magical. For example, it's impossible to get my husband to dress up for Halloween, but to act out AND dress up while reading Luke 2, that's a whole other story-magical. We all took part in this, reliving the traditions I had while growing up. Danny is such a wonderful sport.
Elly was as pleased as punch to open up her gifts: Polly pocket with house, leapster pen pal with books and three church dresses. Let's not forget the stocking gifts, play doh, a head band wig and recorder. Brinley received, -though was uninterested in unwrapping anything- pretty much the same, but a little less since we can get away with that this year.
Church on Christmas Morning filled us with cheer as we sang carols and spoke of keeping Christmas in our hearts all year long. Then back home again to baking! Yummy butterscotch and raisin bread pudding infused the air and our stomaches...mmmm. A little lounging and watching "It's a wonderful life" then we were off to my parents house for a delicious turkey dinner and opening of presents. Hope your day was Merry! Hope to post more pictures up. Computer acting funny.


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