N is for Naughty or Nice

1) Prayer
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Weather
4) Calendar
5) Months of the Year Song
6) Alphabet Song
7) Sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town
8) Discuss what is naughty and what is nice. One girl is given 3 candy canes, another two dolls, another one book. We talk about what each child should do with these things with her friends, what is naughty or nice. In the end Kelsey share two of her three candy canes, Elly shared her dolls and Maren shared the book with everyone.
9) The Naughty or Nice Game-sort of like mother may I. I tell each girl an example of a nice or naughty act and they tell me which it is, naughty or nice. They can take a step closer to me each time they answer right. Naturally they all answered right and got to me around the same time.
10) Counting Time! The stockings were filled with books, barbies and toys. Each had 14 items in their stockings once more an counted them out.
11) Craft time! We made Santas today, as well as tracing out the number 14 on paper and letter N in activity book.
12) Read the Night Before Christmas
13) Snack Time! A picnic in the living room-the house was already a disaster
14) Playtime!!


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