Cove Haven

My sexy husband Danny
Mini Golf
The comedian and I, pretty sure his name was John Coffee
Our circular bed with stars on the ceiling and mirrors on the bed frame
"Merry Christmas to Us!!  Danny and I are not big gift people.  It's rare that we exchange gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.  Now before you go thinking that we are unromantic, let me explain.  We aren't big on "thing" gifts., however we are crazy about "experience"gift.  If you want to sweep me off my feet, then jewlery and flowers are not the answer, no I'm much more expensive.  A weekened trip will always make me swoon, as well as regular dates and one on one time together.  So in this spirit, Danny and I didn't do "gifts" this year, instead we went to Cove Haven for a night.  What is Cove Haven you ask?  Why it's a tacky looking couples resort. But even with the 70's themed decor, it was lots of fun!  For a 24 hour trip, it was exactly what were looking for.  A little ping pong, a couple games of pool, ice skating, archery, miniature golf, shuffleboard, and basketball kept us busy and on our toes.  We had a yummy meals, leaving us stuffed as turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.  We were seated with other couples and got to know where everyone traveled from, Virgina, Maryland, Conneticut, New Jersey.    Nightlife consited of a entertaining cover band that played an aarray of music, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Journey, Elvis, Kasey and the Sunshine Band, Allison Krauss and more.  We all got up and boogied down. A newlywed game followed, asking the four volunteer couples questions I would not want to answer in public.  Let's just say we had too much information on these people, however it had us rolling in our seats cracking up.   A comeidan was the third act.  With the exception of his potty mouth, he was pretty funny. He picked on the audience, and then had me come up and be part of the act.  I was his arms, and had to act out the things he was saying.  It was pretty comical.  All in all it was a fantastic trip.  The entertainment was super, food, delicious, and activities fun.  Maybe we shall visit again in the future. 
yep, I put those arrows in their target....with some help


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