Letters to Santa, Making a Gingerbread house and Apple Crumb Pie

Ellyanna wrote her first letter to Santa, which informed the jolly old man that she decorated her own four foot purple Christmas tree, played with her friend Kate, and had been a good girl all year.
Her list of requests was short-gotta love a four year old-
1) Barbie and a Fashion Fairytale secret Movie- or whatever you call it
2) Polly Pocket
3) Something that changes food?!? That'll be fun for Santa to figure out.
Ellyanna: "And uh...that's all. I'm done"
When asked if she had any requests for her one year old sister Brinley she mentioned a Teddy bear.
Ellyanna: "and umm...that's all"
When the letter was complete we moved onto something even sweeter, making a gingerbread house. Ellyanna had a good time decorating any area that mom unskillfully plastered with frosting.
Brinley was too busy stuffing her face with candy to be decorating. In fact she'd rather undo all the hard work Ellyanna put into her yummy little house. One second of not keeping our eyes on that girl and she was tearing into the roof, grabbing globs of gumdrops and frosting. And the fighting began....
We managed to pull her away and take a picture with Ellyanna and her masterpiece, however the roof was beginning to slide off.
Afterwards it didn't matter because Ellyanna wanted to join in on the eating fest and promptly assisted in the devouring of gumdrops, smarties, peppermint and frosting. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a more distinguished dessert....apple crumb pie.


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