A flurry of new memories

I have really reveled in this Christmas season thus far. I think it's my favorite as a grown up. It has everything to do with that wide eyed four year old and rosy cheeked one year old of mine.
In truth it's the first year on which Ellyanna will have an inkling of a memory. I hope she will reminisce of snuggling on the couch to watch the Christmas Specials on tv, and tearing open a gift under the tree each night, then paging through them as I read a new story each night (thank you local library!). I wonder if she remembers anything from "A Christmas Carol" other than the many non applicable questions she expressed.
I know she'll remember "The Nutcracker" seeing that she carries her ornament nutcracker with her everywhere and talks of the evil king rat obsessively-that and the fact that she loooves watching "A Barbie Nutcracker" nearly everyday.
Caroling will be imprinted in this girls brain seeing that she was able to sing her heart out to the lovely people at Saucon Valley Manor and will yet have another chance this Friday when we have our annual "Cooper Caroling Party". We are a caroling family despite our lack of talent.
Visits with Santa at Fonthill and an actual conversation with the no tears means that we are making headway! And then of course letters to Santa, and the small requests Ellyanna gave.  I wish we as adults were better at making such humble requests.  Creating delectable sugary gingerbread houses turned out to be an entertaining, especially considering I realized after our completion that two bags of colorful candy hid inside its box-I thought there should be more than just gumdrops and these big colorful circular circle candies. 

Ellyanna: thank you soo much mommy for letting us make gingerbread houses! This was a good idea!

I look forward to a new tradition this year....the polar express train ride in New Hope.  Busy Busy Busy!  and all along Im attempting to teach the real reason for the season.  I'm soaking up every minute of it- and really hope the memories will remain permanently in our brains.


Julie and Amos said…
What a fantastic and busy mother you are! I look up to you :)
Danielle said…
Aww thanks Julie, your an awesome mother! I was just bragging about you and your amazing creativity! You come up with ideas and actually do them! You are a wonderful friend! Thank you for being you :-)

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