Decluttering the Kitchen, one drawer at a time

Hey well I've been reading a lot of simplifying blogs. You heard of the living on 100 things or less? Yeah not possible for us. Danny probably has a hundred items of tools. And I well, I'm a clutterific gal. Not that I want to be, I just mean sometimes I open a drawer and gasp because of all the junk we have accumulated.
I love going to my sister in laws house because she's the exact opposite of me. Seriously I actually have gone through her closets and drawers and bathroom vanity to witness immaculate cleanliness and organization. I know rude right? Well I know I'm rude, but I just had to know if it was a my house. But it's not, it's clean and organized and comfortable.
Yes people will come to my house and say, "oh it's so clean" when really clothes are stuffed into drawers, closets are overflowing with shoes and toys seep out of the toy chests. Enough is enough. Really, truly it is time for a change!
So to make this easier on myself I've decided to do one drawer, one closet, one shelf, one chest at a time. So it's not overwhelming, I do one of these a day. I have been for the past five days. And I really should've taken before/after pictures. Lucky for you I did take before/after pictures of the junk drawer. Even after this I have a bag batteries, three pairs of scissors and five lighters (no we don't smoke). I did commit to getting rid of some each of these and I still ended up with all these extras! Those 100 things or less people would be looking down on me after this-but progress is progress!
My goal? After scaling all drawers, closets, shelfs and chests I will repeat and maybe hopefully simplify even more. The major scary goal that I'm to stressed to even attempt-the basement! But then one drawer at a time right?


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