Coopers Annual Caroling Party

Last night we had our annual Caroling Party. I love this tradition, growing up my parents would throw a caroling party every year, and my friend Jen and I were the stars! We would get to sing "jolly old Saint Nicholas" as a duet, and the neighbors loved it!
Afterwards we would sip on creamy cocoa and munch on cookies everyone brought. This event has always been my favorite Christmas memory.
As an adult now, we hold a caroling party every December. These are the festivities
1) Begin the games!

Cookies, Caroling, Christmas
Every year we play the clothespin game- everyone receives a clothespin they clip onto their shirts
Rules: you can't say cookies, caroling or Christmas....except when we are caroling (we sing we wish you a merry Christmas)
If catch someone saying on of these words, you get to take thier clothes pin. If you catch someone saying cookie, caroling or Christmas and they happen to have more than one clothes pin, then guess what? You win them all! At the end of the party whoever has the most clothes pins wins, and gets a prize!

Guessing Games
Everyone gets three pieces of scrap paper. Each of us writes down our three favorite Christmas memories and puts them in a basket I have reserved especially for this game.
The guessing and reading does not happen until dessert time.
2) Supper, which is always soup, bread and salad. The soup of the day was a chicken corn chowder. This year I had everyone bring sides, which made it even more delicious, salad, pasta salad, fried sweet potatoes.
3) Caroling to the neighbors. My Dad usually brings his guitar but my parents were at my brothers basketball game this year, so I played my flute. Yes I dusted the thing off and tried to figure out the notes to the carols. Did I mention I can't read music anymore? Danny mentioned that this is the first time in five years that there was no snow on the ground to tromp through.
4) Dessert Time! Blueberry pie, apple pie, chocolate creme pie, cookies, chocolate chocolate chip bread with chocolate buttercream frosting, sugar cookies and to decorate with, red and green frosting, and all sorts of sprinkles.
5) Guessing game. As we all munch on our desserts the adults guess whose favorite Christmas memories are whose. We invite different people every year so this is a great way to get to know everyone.
All in all it was a delightfully delicious time! Merry Christmas Everyone!


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