Chicken Bread Salad

Well I made my first healthy supper since the summer. Yes there is hope. The goal: to add a healthy recipe to my meal plan each week. I plan to accumulate six weeks worth of nutritious dinners. It'll probably take about six months to get there....and six months to adjust to the "lifestyle change". Im craving chocolate as we speak! By the way it was delicious meal, so maybe not all is lost, maybe I can do this....? I just know that I need your help! Anyone? Anyone?!? Suggestions??? Anyways here is the recipe.
My version of chicken bread salad:
Diced red and yellow peppers
Diced tomatoes
Cut up chicken
Slightly cooked and sliced asparagus
Add olive oil, red wine vinegar salt and pepper to taste.
Served with sweet potatoes on the side, with some butter....hey I can NOT go cold turkey from all thats bad


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