Our family loves to visit Cabelas, and we should because we visit pretty often.  It's in between our home and the Cooper grandparents.  Sometimes we meet up there and check out the sites-it's like a museum....a FREE museum!!  We usually buy something, like treats or eat at the buffet they have there, or Danny buys bullets for his guns (Danny does competitive shooting for sport)  But mostly we just walk about and enjoy the scenery.  The kids love looking at the BIG fishies and animals.  Danny is usually busy salivating in the gun section.  I am busy drooling wherever there is food, the candy shop, the buffet, the check out stands where they sell goodies-edible goodies....I love food.  But we always have a good time, and really it's the perfect break between a long trip to Grandmas house.  What's not to love.  You can check it out at exit 29 going west bound on route 78.  I believe it's in between Reading and Pottsville. 


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