Annual Christmas Lunch Inn

I love going to my parents house, it's so warm and inviting and comfortably big. It's not overwhelmingly spacious, just roomy enough to have a party and small enough to avoid being ostentatious. Their home has plenty of windows to let the light in, a wonderfully working pellet stove, the fluffiest soft sofas, and homemade cookies always seem to be baking in the oven...Mmm home. But really, I enjoy my parents house so much because they are there. I love their company, friendship and support.
This is probably why I look forward every year to my Mom's annual Christmas lunch in. Homemade soups, breads, salads and cookies decorate the tables and counters. Twinkling lights from the numerous Christmas trees and cake stands set the mood. Soft songs of carols float through the air and the smell of yummy concoctions waft into all of our noses.
It is a time to visit with old friends, catch up, wish merriness to one another. Is there anything better than friendship? Especially the kind in which you can pick up where you left off, whether you've talked last the year before or a week ago, a good friendship can melt away the bad things in life. There are many friends I was blessed to visit with today and I cherish and admire all of them. I have learned so much through others examples of strength, kindness and cheer. A gratitude if thanks goes out to all of my wonderful friends.


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