5...4....3...2...1 Happy Resolutions!
I don't know about you, but I am a resolutions kind of person. Call me crazy, but I get excited about making goals for the new year! It's pretty easy to after December. I love Christmas and New Years, but it's really easy to over eat, over spend and over react during the holidays. So to ease that pressure, we have a long awaited slow paced winter...perfect for something like GOAL SETTING!!! Excuse me for my overzealousness-is that a word?
Just picture a blank canvas where you can paint any kind of picture you'd like, that's my New Years. How about you? You feel the same way? Last year my resolution was to lose weight and get in shape-I recently gave birth to my second daughter-and I did, thirty pounds. I'm working out on a regular basis and it has given me joy, energy and my old jeans. The other goal was to pay a big debt off-a second mortgage- and we did-it's dead, done, gone!! You see why I like resolutions? Because so long as I stick to them....they ACTUALLY WORK!!!
So this year is going to be EPIC!! You ready? I just know that your hanging on the edge of your seat-you know cuz my life is so dang intriguing and all. My underlying theme this year for myself seems to be Simplify- getting all the yucky stuff out of my life and let only the good in- getting rid of the anxiety, clutter in my house, sugar in my system, negativity in my marriage. I'm pumped for the change!! Here it is, so you can help to hold me accountable!!

1) Increase in Spirituality- that applies to reading and truly pondering the scriptures more, and making sure I APPLY it to the very day I've read it. Also prayer, being more heartfelt and humble in my conversations with my Heavenly Father.

2) Health-I'm changing my eating habits, a step at a time. That means slow and steadily. I've got the working out part, but not the food. I'm a junk food nut! This will be quite the challenge if I do say so myself. Recipes, tips and steady changes is the plan!

3) Simplify-I'm sick of all the stuff! I need to detoxify from all clutter!!! I have some very good friends and relatives that are awesome at this so I'm looking to them for inspiration and help. I'd like to not let things keep a hold on me and become a minimalist thank you very much. Doing a little each day may make me a guru by next year!

4) Marriage Improvement- they say if you want to stay good at something you must PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! I love hubby, truly, he's my bestfriend, but I'd be lying I said we didn't have our days. It's always a work in progress and I love him enough to improve our relationship through prayer, dates, goals and affection.

Wish me luck! And good luck to you on your goal making adventures!!


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