25 books of Christmas!

Happy December 1st Everyone! Have any super Christmas traditions you mind sharing? We have finished "A Christmas Carol" as a family earlier this week and our ready for the many rounds of Christmas Traditions. Here is one of them!
The 25 books of Christmas!
Wrap up 25 Christmas books, Santa, elves, reindeer, but most importantly the birth of the Savior. Have the kids pick one book out each day and unwrap and read them each night. Our schedule goes as planned
1) Read kid scriptures as family
2) Brush our teeth and put on jammies
3) Read book-Christmas ones for December
4) Say prayers
It's a daily ritual we all look forward too, but the unwrapping Christmas themed books make it all the more special.
PS I'm handing my wrapped books to the girls this year because Brinley will wreck havoc on them if they are placed under the tree!


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