Tis the Season to learn American History!

Happy November 1st! I don't know about you but Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, however other than Turkey Day, there are no real traditions we've done as a family working up to the day. Unlike Halloween with it's pumpkin picking, hayrides, parties and camping there seems to be nothing to do in between Halloween and Thanksgiving?!?!
Well I've decided to change that with my family! After looking on the Internet and chatting with friends ice come up with my own new traditions.
Tradition number 1
-trace your hand, cut it out and write one thing you are thankful for each day. What are all those hands going to become you ask? Why the feathers on a turkey of course! The hands are now on my fridge....,and yes we'll get a body and head etc.
Tradition number 2
-History lesson time! Dinner History lessons about America. Today i pointed to our map of the world hanging in our kitchen and talked about the trek the English made to come to America. They came to seek gold and diamonds and bring it back to England. They met Indians and saw the beauty of east coast US and settled there. They met the Powhatan Indians a well established tribe. :-)


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