Polk Valley Park

Polk Valley Park
2068 Polk Valley Road
Hellertown, PA 18055
Checked out this park yesterday since it was so gorgeous out. This park has soccer fields, a baseball field, a dog park and a little loop to walk. It's got pretty views and we even got to see horses walking about.
My poor girls have colds so they suffered through their mothers short walk, taking turns in the tiny stroller I brought. Brinley ended up falling asleep in the stroller and Ellyanna went from being in a sour mood to a talkative pleasant mood. So all is well that ends well right?


Katzzmcd said…
awesome! we go to hellertown all the time and I didn't know they had a dog park. Great place to take Damon in the spring and even get the dog some exercise! thanks for sharing!
Danielle said…
Thanks I LOVE the rail trails, can't wait till its a little warmer to get back out there. And our latest and greatest fun activity is geocahing. There is lots of geocaching sites in Hellertown.

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