Won't you be my neighbor?

When my hubby and I first moved into our home six years ago we were graced by our great neighbors. A knock on our door or a ring from the doorbell introduced us with smiling neighbors holding baked goods in their hands and smiles on their faces. One even handed us a lovely plant that has since grown and has been converted to a much larger pot.
These wonderful neighbors have turned into true friends who attend our children's birthday parties swap recipes along with samples and get together for game nights and dinners. I learned how to make homemade applesauce with my next door neighbor, and her husband has taught my husband how to prunes trees, garden and all sorts of things! They have nourished us with the love and trust of a family. I am so grateful to them.

Unfortunately I feel as if my generation has lost that friendly community spirit. We stay quiet and aloof. If I hadn't been so lucky as to have neighbors that went outside of their comfort zone then I might be doing the same!
But I feel it is my small mission to pass this challenge onto my generation, to get out there and meet your neighbors! Say hello, knock on their door and introduce yourself! You might just have a golden friendship awaiting you! :-)


Katzzmcd said…
I try not to be jealous when people tell me of how much their love their neighbors. We live in a 4 section townhome and have tried and tried with not much success to have a friendly relationship with our neighbors. I mean, we share a wall! The ones we did become friends with moved away:( I agree that our generation doesn't see the value or "point" in having a least a friendly relationship with your neighbors. Props to you for appreciating how great it is to have the neighbors you do!
Danielle said…
Thanks! Well at least your trying to be a good neighbor regardless of their reactions. There's only so much you can do when the other person is not receptive to friendliness. I think it's easier for us because 1) we aren't sharing a wall and 2) they are all older than us, and quite frankly the older generations have that neighborly thing. They are just so thoughtful-so yeah I am pretty lucky. But keep trying! You never know when you'll get a new friednlier neighbor :-)

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