My version of a fall trifle

This trifle was created from a baking mistake. The mistake that I put baking soda instead of baking powder into my chocolate spice cake. This of course naturally made the cake boil over and forced me to clean my oven once again. I had already made some yummy chocolate buttercream frosting when I pulled out the sunken in, spilled over cake, so I decided to improvise.
A trifle to the rescue. Enter some pumpkin pie mix, vanilla pudding mix (I used two cups rather than the three suggested cups of milk) some crushed up graham crackers and of course my frosting and cake (broken into bite size chunks). I layered frosting, pudding, crackers, pumpkin, then cake and repeated, topping it last with more frosting.
My last minute save was for dessert at our friends house. And thankfully they said they both liked it, that or they were fibbing to make me feel better. But I thought it tastes yummy and so did my hubby-trust me he's pretty honest with me. So if anyone dares want to try this, please tell me how you like it!


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