Lights out Night

I read an article in a magazine....think it was Family Fun? Anyways it was about a family who did a Lights Out once a week, turning off the lights, Internet and tv, eating dinner, playing cards and telling story by candle light.
My four year old, one year old an myself did a lights out night for one hour. Yeah, that was enough with a one year old. But it was fun :-).
We put a blanket on the floor and told stories.....well I told stories. Elly's favorite was about Prince David and his quest to save Princess Ellyanna's baby sister, who was turned into a GIANT baby. If Prince David could search the mountains for a cave that had three magical roses an answer three questions right from the scary witch in the cave, then he would save the town from starving, turn GIANT Brinley back into an ordinary baby and marry Princess Ellyanna.
Phew that's a lot. But I've gotta record it all cuz she keeps asking me to tell the story again and again and again l! :-)


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