The Flying Karanzov Brothers

The longer I live in the Lehigh Valley, the more I become aware of the cool stuff we have here. For example, Dorney Park, The Rail Trails, and did you know we have a Planetarium in Bethlehem? It's owned by Lehigh University.

Speaking of Lehigh University, have you heard of the Zoellber Arts Center? Neither did I till recently. We bought tickets to a couple of shows and my husband Danny and I were able to see one of the three shows we reserved.

"The Flying Karamazov Brothers" is a bit deceiving by the name. I kind of expected to see trapeze artists or something, however I was not disappointed. Four men dressed in kilts and bowties walk around as a singing, comedic, juggling act. I laughed a lot more than I expected, and was entertained till the end. I wont give too much away just in case you'd like to go see them, but i will say if you do, bring something slimy and gross, and they will juggle it.

I always look forward to a date night, especially if it's more than just our normal dinner and a movie. The Zoellner Arts Center is conveniently tucked away in South Bethlehem, a hidden gem to entertainment. Thank you Karamazov and Zoellner for breaking the monotemy of dull suburban life. :-)


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