A fire to keep warm, some neighbors who help out.

Well, it was exciting at first this no electric thing.....but it is cold! Felt all nice and neighborly two days ago when I shared some soup with the neighbors. But as always they all help us out all lot more than we do them. Alan returned the favor by plowing our driveway on Sunday. Our other neighbors George and Brenda gave us some wood to start a fire in our fireplace.
Thank goodness for that fire, because we then could have some friends over who didn't have any fire, electric....warmth in their home.
Can I just say? There is nothing like a fire. It's mesmerizing, with its flickering and sparking, a constant glowing heat infusing the air with comfort, and the smokey rustic smell of a fire is divine. Especially on a freezing snowy night with no working furnace.

To add in, we were blessed once again when friends from the next town over (who had electric) invited us over for dinner for some homemade chicken soup and corn bread. Mmmmm....thank you Goodmans! And thank you to all my wonderful neighbors!


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