E is for Ear

Today in preshool we learned about the letter E, the number 5 and the magic of our ears!  After our usual morning routine we did this....

1) Traced the number 5

2) Counted the fingers on one hand, then traced our hand on a piece of paper. Each girl got five stickers to decorate with, some didn't use theirs

3) Played a quick game of feeding elephant Wally (ball toss)

4) Played the five game! Ex: Do five jumping jacks, five twirls, five stomps, five claps, five shouts! The girls really enjoyed this and it helped get some energy out of them.

5) Talked about the magic of our ears, show pictures from a human body book for kids. Had the girls cover their ears while I whispered.

6) Had the girls color a cut out of an ear shapes paper and color it. Glued it onto a paper that had the upper and lower case E, as well as the word ear on it. They traced the letters E on the paper.

7) Played the hearing game! Blindfolded girls one at a time. Had girls make noises with instruments, tearing paper and other household items. Everyone had fun, though they tended to guess after they took the blindfold off, but it was fun!

8) Playtime!

9) Snacktime! My own version of elephant ears!


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