Camping in October

So my family and I decided to go camping! We were lucky enough to find some eager souls like ourselves to go with us, thus it became a Cooper/Hanson excursion.

Our destination Lake Mauch Chunk Park in Jim Thorpe, PA. We arrived around 5pm and set up camp, allowing the little ones to play. Cooper family was in charge of dinner, so naturally we did what was easiest, hot dogs (Nathan's of course!) sweet potatoes with real butter (a treat) and salad followed by the jiffy popcorn you put over the fire and s'mores.

The kids had a great time taking turns telling us adults stories and discussing our favorite reasons for loving the season of fall (Halloween was a big factor for most). They also went to bed earlier than the adults, allowing the big kids (aka parents) to chat over fire.

And believe it or not we slept well too. Danny and I were a bit concerned since it is the fall and the weather was FINALLY getting a bit nippy, however lucky for Dannys doubling up sleeping bag capabilities and the nicer weather, we all slept wonderfully.

It was soo nice to have playmates for Ellyanna. To see five other children other than my own two running around giggling with one another put a smile on my face. And breakfast was superb, thanks to the Hansons gourmet skills in hot chocolate making and biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs. Mmmm....yummy. Camping in October is the way to go!


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