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Saturday, October 22, 2011

An Autumn Walk

I'm lucky, my parents and in laws both live in the country, so whenever we visit one of them I try to take in the countryside, either in the form of walking their property or taking the road. And when the fall arrives I get giddy with excitement to traipse about and enjoy the view of peppered colors.
Today, on this cool gray day, I got out there and walked the country roads. Cloudy days are perfect for Autumn walks, because it makes the splashing color even more vivid. I love wondering what each new bend will greet me with and I am always satisfied with what I get.
The aroma of sweet burning wood filled the air. I witnessed and heard a constant crunching of leaves from scavenging squirrels and deer, crows cased, birds chirped and yet amongst all that, a calming quiet, as if the earth was settling for winter. Oh I love the fall!
I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the scenery at it's peak, because before you know it, the trees will be bare and snow will blanket the ground.

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