B is for Butterfly

Our butterfly snack, lettuce, craisin, and and peanut butter cereal concoction my friend whipped up 

the work book all the kiddies use with a marker.  its great then we wipe it away when we are done.

Two other moms and myself decided that preschool was too expensive and as stay at home moms we could do just as good of a job teaching our children letters, numbers, colors etc. Thus began our preschool co op.
Twice a week for two hours our girls get together for some songs, games, crafts and fun. Each mom gets a chance to teach, rotating each week at one of our homes. We are in our second week, my week to teach the letter B and number two.

Our Calendar.  We count the days we are at.

We start off with a consistent routine with prayer, song, and going over the weather, months and days of the week (in song form of course). And of course going over the alphabet and calendar.
Then it is lesson time! I will give you he brief overview of our lesson for the girls today.

Check out these beautiful butterflies!

1) Read 10 little ladybugs (a counting book, in which we count the disappearing lady bugs on every page)
2) Tracing the number 2 (on this awesome activity book my mom got me from Five Below)

Shhh!!  Class is in Session!

3) Take Turns emptying a bag full items that begin with the letter B and of course counting these items. We also talks about the sound the letter B makes.
4) Look at the jar with a butterfly in and talk about the life cycle of a butterfly (not real butterfly)
5) Dress up as butterflies (wings) and fly around the living room to pretty music while searching for letters Bs. (I taped them all over the wall). Afterwards we of course counted those letter Bs.

Coloring and tracing is lots of fun!
6) Trace the letter B on same activity book, talk about the sound of letter B again.
7) The girls get some more butterfly dancing time, while I clear the table and set up for some letter B coloring.
8) Coloring Time! Followed by fifteen minutes of playtime
9) Coloring our Butterfly masks with marker
10) Snack time! Butterfly snacks!
11) Playtime till the moms come to pick them up!
Lots of fun! The kids were great! They are pretty adorable at this age, which by the way is four years old.

We sing our ABC's and take turns pointing to them-oh the fun ;-)

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Amy said…
I think it's great you did this with your child! You are absolutely right that, as a mom, you can do as good of a job (or better!) than sending your child to preschool. I see this post was from September. Did you do this all year? What are you plans for next year? Maybe I should just browse your blog and find the answers for myself =) Thanks for sharing this with us at Trivium Tuesdays!
Danielle said…
Amy, yes we made it through the whole year! We ended the last week in May! It was such a wonderful experience. We learned our letters, made crafts, sang songs, tried our some experiments and had a couple little field trips in between. My daughter will miss kindergarten this coming year because of the cut off date-so we are doing a co-op again. This time with only one other mom-a different/new mom, twice a week. I'll be filling in the rest with my own lesson plans with the book
"what your kindergartner needs to know"
Thanks for reading!! Still trying to organize my blog.

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