B is for Bumblebee

Well to say that preschool was hectic and messy today is sort of an understatement. But we managed through the melt downs my daughter had and the distractions of dress up clothes. We learned once again about the letter B and number 2, this time focusing on bumble bees as our topic. You'll find I'm not very creative, doing a lot of the same things but here was a schedule anyway.
This of course being after a prayer, song, pledge of allegiance, months, calendar, alphabet and numbers routine.

1)Tracing the letter B, each girl taking turns on our activity book

2) Playing a flower, color, shape memory game

3) Reading the book "Buzz" and making fun noises to go with the book

4) Ten minutes of playtime

5) Trace the number two, counting flowers by two. Showed picture of bumble bee and talked about where bumble bees live and making honey.

6) Bumble Bee Pollen game, found this online at squidoo. Put my memory game flowers all over living room with balls next to them. The balls are supposed to be pollen, which was a fun concept to explain to the girls. So female bees have little sacks by their feet to collect pollen, so we put plastic bags around the girls ankles and watched them collect pollen (balls) by the flowers. Not sure if they got any of that, but it was fun watching them. We talked about how much harder it was to collect pollen with a bag around their ankle. We counted our balls afterwards.

7) They went on a hunt for their favorite flower and shape. After they collected their two favorite flower we ventured back into the playroom, where we glued them to a paper that had the number two on it. They glued, then traced the number 2.

8) Since we were already doing crafts, we carried on and made beautiful bumble bees.

9) Fifteen minutes of playtime (for them) clean up (for me)

10) Snack time! Peanut butter and honey flowers with raisins and carrots.

It was trickier keeping their attention today, but still fun!


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