These are a few of my favorite things!

I looove the fall, and so I decorate for my favorite season. You come to my house from September to November and you will find fall leaves draped over every valance. I like to keep the season inside and out. :-).
I love the smells of baking and yummy autumn smells. Try out the Vanilla Carmel Yankee candle, it is wonderful!
Is there anything better than chocolate, I mean really?!? And if your gonna eat it, you might as well eat it right. Lindt dark chocolate truffles melt in your mouth.
My family lives on gum, everyday, especially if we've got bad breath! Extra spearmint gum is the way to go, and the only way we go! We split them in half and share a piece.
Lip gloss any kind really, not a fan of lipstick, but shiny yummy smelling lip gloss, the best!


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