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Friday, July 24, 2015

Voice Lessons

 Elly has been blessed with a beautiful voice.  And seriously people, it's not just me with all my motherly admiration.  I have had people approach me and tell me she has such a clear beautiful voice. She has a natural gift my almost 8 year old.  And so we know another young lady in our church who is equally as blessed start giving Elly voice lessons a few weeks ago.  She loves it!  And look what her teacher Mrs. Cecliy made!! Awesome!!

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Neice Bruk lyn said...

I love Elly! That board is so cool. i am glad she gets to learn how to use that beautiful voice of hers! Tell Uncle Danny Happy Belated Birthday!

Danielle said...

Bruklyn! You are such a sweetie! I thought I already responded to your comment but alas it did not show up here. Any who you are awesome and thanks for following my blog!