kids say the darndest things

At the dinner table we play all kinds of games, and the other day it was a game of observance. Danny was in charge and asked the questions. 

Daddy:  who is the tallest in our family?
Elly & Brinley: DADDY!!
Daddy: Who is wearing pink?
Elly & Brinley: Mommy and Elly and Hayzel
Daddy: Who weighs the most?
Elly: MOMMY! Daddy...oh well

The picture is me attempting to unsuccessfully row a boat with Brinley and Hayzel in it as well as some friends. My floppy hat makes it hard to see. 
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Anonymous said…
my kids often ask me if i am pregnant... im not. good to know that we all have these problems!
hadley said…
please post!
Danielle said…
haha yes! kids are so stinkin honest! Thanks for reading!

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