Baking is Therapeutic

I have a struggle. Some call it a sugar addiction, I call it baking and eating the outcome. I know it is unhealthy to eat too many sweets. But the whole experience is sublime.

The mixing, the pouring, the aroma of melting chocolate and dripping sugar, forming into a rising piece of perfection. And then as if the experience couldn't get more euphoric, you take a warm bite and allow the flavors to mingle and burst on your salivating tongue.

Elly gets to join in on the fun, pouring, measuring, creating a mess. And it is bonding moments. So long as I keep calm when the messes arise, as they always do. We giggle and taste test, check on our confectionary goodness through the dimly lit oven door.

And I can't seem to give it up. It makes me happy. And my neighbors are quite pleased when I share. And that warm, rosy feeling radiates within, because a brownie, cupcake, loaf of bread or cinnamon roll spells out "I love you", "I care", "I took the time to share."

And this is what is all about. That sugary, sweet, concoction, creates, memories with my girls, and spreads love all around. :-)


Susan Staus said…
Please don't share with me :) I gave up sugar 6 months ago!!! Can you believe it!? Craziness!
Danielle said…
Susan! Wow! Good for you! That is so impressive! I wish I could do that! Well maybe only eat sweets once a week. That would be an amazing feat for me!! Just wanted to let you know that I am no longer pregnant an lost the baby about well maybe two months ago.
Andrea said…
Agreed. It's such a bonding thing to make cookies, cakes, etc. with my kiddos! We even use it for homeschool sometimes (measurements, fractions) 80-20. Eat healthy most of the time;)Then, enjoy the rest!

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