Kids Speak the Truth

Elly: Mommy why do you watch movies with bad words?

Me: I don't know. I watch movies with bad words??

Elly: Yes at Nonna and Pop pops.

I had no idea what she was talking about. Until I thought about it more. We slept over Nonna and Pop Pops house. We were snowed in and ate pop corn and hot cocoa. When it was time for the kids bedtime, I tucked them in the spare room and left for the living room. My parents rented movies and the PG-13 movie "Total Recall" was playing (the new one). Lots of Action, Adventure, Intrigue and...cursing. Brinley was sound asleep, but Elly was not sleeping well. She sneaked her way into the living room more than once to complain she wasn't tired. Yes I had watched a foul mouthed movie, a many, but this time I was caught.

Me: "I'm sorry Elly. I promise to watch better movies. Mommy will not watch movies with bad words.".

Elly: "Heavenly Father does not like us to watch movies with bad words."

Gulp. How can I disagree. If Jesus were to enter my home when watching distasteful entertainment, I can only imagine his reaction would be sadness and disappointment. I certainly need to do better.


Andrea said…
you know what's BAD..when I'm watching NBC (yes, I name names;) and they say stuff that when we were growing up would have never flown (show of hands if you remember watching Back to the Future and they edited out "butthead") It's so sad to not even be able to have on the regular ol' run of the mill stations w/out worrying about what the kids will hear. And what I HATE is when they actually SAY the word but beep it out...what is that all about.
Danielle said…
Oh I hear ya. Times have changed so drastically that you literally only safe to watch PBS. You remember PBS. Good ole sesame street and what not.
Andrea said…
PBS is seriously the only reason I still have cable...(we live in the boonies and need cable to get basic channels, lame right?)

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