Gettysburg and Camping

A chilled breeze, a grey sky, crisp yellow leaves dangling from the branches of oak trees, a camping spot.  This is place for us to set up tents and pull out the dutch ovens.  Tents rise from the ground, food is prepared and topped with hot coals, the weather becomes frosty. And darkness covers the grey, twinkling stars from above, a crescent moon, wanes high in the air.  The smell of  sausage and cheese and warm pumpkin pie waft into our noses.  We pray and devour the best sausage lasagna with yellow tomatoe sauce we have ever ingested.  This is bits of heaven, good food, lovely friends, a cool dark sky, family.  Hot cocoa is poured into styrofoam cups, conversation fills the site, there is laughter, singing, smiling.

A cool grey morning greets us the next day.  We form pancakes with blueberries over a grill and drown them in maple syrup.  Elly and Elizabeth are singing and dancing, Brinley joins in.  The boys just watch and giggle.  We climb the hill and walk through the coloring leaves.  Then we are off, driving the to battle fields, taking in the gorgeous and brillant views. Learning of the sacrifices and deaths made for the freedom of this country.  The wind whips about us, the clouds loom low, but we managed to grab this spectacular day and relish it.  We talk to civil war re-enactors, dressed in thier navy suits and hats.  We enjoy the crisp weather, and creeping moments of sunlight.  We picnic at the tower on lunch meat sandwhiches with the good rolls we splurged on.  we devour salt and vinegar chips and crunchy apples.  We laugh and play and the kiddos run around.

We climb  rocks and castles, enjoy views from above and below.  And it turns out to be a delightful day, despite the occasional sprinkling from above.  We settle into camp and cook up some delicious beef stew followed by apple dumplings and hot cocoa.  It just doesnt get much better than this.  And as the temperatures drop into an icy level and the stars begin to dot our canvas, we bundle up and chat and laugh.  Friendship good food, amazing beauty surronding us, God has blessed us and life is beautiful.

We finish the next morning on eggs, bacon and hashbrowns and pack things up as a light sprinkle begins.  We skip rocks on the stream and take our time into town.  Town is the final destination, just an hour long meander past the historical buildings and trees.  It's quaint colonial appeal draws me in, as we pass cival war buildings, museums, antique shops, ghost tours, and small businesses.  Charming is the word that comes to mind.  This whole trip has been charming and economical. We begin out drive home and stop by the Grandma and Grandpa Coopers house for steaks,and goodies and love.  Finding the small and BIG joys in life is what leaves us content with a trip such as this.  Hope everyone gets to do something like this with friends they love. ;-)




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