Utah- Part 2


It is quite the ordeal to go shopping in Utah.  I mean before you get out the door there is the primping and curling, make up and accessorizing.  In Pennsylvania I can run a comb through my hair, throw some earrings on and out the door I go.....without makeup at least half the time.  But in the land of the beautiful I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't want to scare anyone on my venture. 

 Seriously there are so many gorgeous gals AND guys out west.  I'm always surprised, (especially about the guys part). Never have I seen so many people so put together.  Hair perfectly in place, makeup evenly puffed on covering any sort of blemishes, adorable outfits, trendy jewlery.  It's like they stepped out of a fashion magazine.  Okay so not everyone is like this-I mean I was visiting-but the bulk of them...beautiful. So I made sure I primped and prepared right along with them and we went SHOPPING!! 

Of course by the time we were out the door it was around 11:30 and my tummy was a grumbling-due to prepping and forgetting to eat breakfast. So naturally it was necessary to have lunch FIRST!!  We went to In-N-Out Burger. Trust me I'm not gonna tell you the details of every movement we make, but this place is off the hook.  There is nothing better than a fresh burger animal style, aka sandwhiched between a bun, fried onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and yummy russian dressing. And don't forget the fries, which were also smothered in fried onions and russian dressing. That's what ketchup, mayo and chopped pickles are people, Russian dressing!!  Just thinking about this makes my mouth water.  I think we need an In-N-Out Burger in PA.   

  It was my first time visiting the store Down East-which for my east coast friends, it reminds me very much of B.Moss or Maurices.  We visited Gordmans, which is pretty awesome and of course JC Penny's and such.  I managed to collect five shirts and a pair of yoga shorts-SCORE!! 

Jamba Juice was worth a break-oh sweet smoothie jamba juice.  I got the strawberry lemonade one...delicious. 

  And GROCERY SHOPPING for our long list of meals and desserts.  Our goal was to make a dessert every night that we were home.  We did pretty good on that whole "hey let's eat junk food" plan.  It was a very healthy eating guide we lived by.

Lunch: In-N-Out Burger
Snack: Jamba Juice
Dinner: Stromboli
Dessert: Strawberries and Homemade Whipped Cream

Yes....so healthy.  You know on vacation anything you eat is zero calories.  Very true. 

I loved the evenings there, we would escape outside and take a tour of the neighborhood and mountains, which are a short walk away.  An eveing walk in Utah is actually quite delightful.  By then the air has cooled off, there is a lovely breeze and there is no mosquitos attacking you.  It was a great time for us girly girls. A time in which we did plenty of giggling, teasing one another and just chatting away.  It's my favorite memory and experience out of the whole trip, our evening walks together. 

Evenings were also dedicated to catching up on any TV show.  Katie and Josh have the Roku and all those other neat internet access shows.  My sleeping schedule was all out of wack, but I was caught up on all the latest TV shows. ;-) 


So glad you had a fun time in UT. Trust me, we are not always put together perfectly! Not even half the time. :) I love it here, glad you got to visit!
Danielle said…
Thanks Janelle. I actually served my mission out in Utah, it was good times. It will always hold a special plae in my heart.

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