Kids say the Darndest things

Funny Things Elly has said in the past week:

Scene 1

"You have to Kiss me."  I heard Elly's demands coming from the play room.   My muscles tensed.  A little boy her age was over and they were make believing pretty well up till this.  Why does my four year old daughter want a kiss.  I couldn't make out his response to such a request.  Instead I heard Ellyanna pipe up.
"No, I'm Princess Aurora, you have to kiss me so I can wake up."  I roll my eyes and stand.  I slowly make my way to the play room as images of a not too distant future pop into my head. After all if we are requesting kisses at the age of four what is to come when she turns sixteen?  I shook my head and quickened my pace, trying to block out images of rebellious boys draping their arms about my daughter and her leaning into thier embraces.
  I walk into a scene of the two of them chatting.  Elly is wrapped in blankets and lying on the ground.  Her head sits on a pillow as she gazes at Benton with a smile.  They are a few feet away and Benton is sitting on a chair in the playroom.
"No kissing!"  I nearly yell.  The two of them look at me with blank stares.  Despite their looks of innocence, I continue.
"No kissing, we need to be modest and you can only kiss after you get married."
Elly nods "Okay Mommy.  We won't kiss."  I sigh as a small crisis is diverted.  I'll worry about the teenage years later-for now I wanna make it through the preschool days.


Scene 2

"Elly what are you gonna do with all that junk?  All the junk up in that trunk?"  Danny asks Ellyanna in rap form.  Her wide inncocent baby blues blink as she answers "I'm gonna throw it in the trash can!"

Scene 3

I hold the bathroom stall door closed for Elly.  She hasn't figured out how to close it quite yet and I don't want to squeeze in the stall with her, so I stand outside and keep it closed.
"Don't look Mommy!"  I turn away from the crack in between the door. She grunts and says in a deep voice.
"Hold your nose cuz I'm gonna go poopee and pee."
She won't be thanking me later for sharing this but it's so funny and cute!

Scene 4

Elly's friend Maren was over today for preschool.  She stayed longer than usual and they had a wonderful time swinging, jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and seek, dancing and of course singing.  Here were a few of their lyrics.
Maren: Baby don't be afraid!
Elly: Baby, I love you!
They were belting these tunes out while standing on the couch and dramatically flailing their arms.

Cute things Brinley has done this past week:

-Pointing her chubby finger at the side door and yelling "aghsigh!"  translation-outside.

-Running off naked and hiding after receving a refreshing bath.

-Pointing to the Months of the Year and singing babble, while the older girls sing the Months of The Year Song, while pointing to the words for each month.

She fights us tooth and nail when we try to dress her


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