Six Weeks of CHANGE!!!

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  April 6th.  That is how long my new self inflicted challlenge will run.  Six whole weeks of striving to rearrange my crazy eating habits.  I went six long days without sugar and fourteen days without chocolate so I am confident that I can do this.  It is a decision, really.  A decision that can affect my health and change my perspective about what I allow into my mouth.  I need it.  I exercise, I'm decluttering the inside of my humble abode, so now it's time to put the right kind of nourishment into my that it won't be a belly anymore, rather a tight little tummy.  And after the six weeks?  Well I plan to gather another slightly more intense six week plan, until I have a bunch of six week plans that turn me into a lean mean health machine.  I shall be ready for swimsuit season.  I know you are dying to know what does the first six week plan consist of, well here goes:

-One veggie filled meal a day
-NO eating after six pm (with the exception a date night a week)
-Dessert only twice a week and only after dinner (this will be the hardest part of the challenge, but I'm ready to grow-on the inside that is)

That's it, no special breakfast, or supper.  But it will a SUPER BIG CHALLENGE.  Especially since it will be six weeks.  So hold me accountable, ask me how I'm doing and bug me to keep at it.   


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