Love is in The Air

 Happy Valentines Day Everyone!  I hope your day is filled with warm embraces, gentle kisses, decadent desserts and romantic compliments.  It is a thrilling Valentines week for Danny and I.  In addtion to chocolates (which of course I can't eat right now) and opening up the compliment jar, we have three dates set up for this week alone. 
      Two of them are micro dates, provided by Danny and myself.  It is a Date Off.  Who can give the best micro date, and of course there will be prizes for the winner.  The first one is tonight-a date Danny is planning himself.  I have no idea what it consists of but I promise to give details and pictures tommorow.  My micro date is Thursday, and I am still whittling down three date ideas.  I need to make it good, so yeah, I'm a little under pressure here.  But I'm lucky becuase I go last, and can therefore make it better.  ;-)
         Our last date is Friday.  A murder mystery dinner with three other couples.  We get to dress up funny and play cooky characters.  I'm oober excited for this one, and has even given me ideas for future group date nights.  In the mean time, have a warm and fuzzy day!  Remember to tell all the important people in you rlife just how much you love them!

Homemade vanilla rasberry filled cupcakes.  They are divine.


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