Our Valentine Tradtion

I love Valentine’s Day.  That’s not to say we do a lot of things in honor of it, but I just love the idea of it.  Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love to those whom we care for.  It’s a brilliant idea, one that really we should all be doing 365 days of the year.  There is not a lot of exchanging of candy or flowers or jewelry in our household.  I try to get Danny and the girls little Valentine candy boxes, but that’s about it.  But we do have a tradition that of course I came up with.  Side note:  Danny is such a good sport to go along with all my crazy ideas. 
            Come mid-January I break out the Compliment Jar.  It’s just a jar that I bought from the dollar store.   We fill that jar with compliments; compliments for one another.  The minimum rules are to write three compliments for each person, but more is always welcome!!  On Valentine’s Day we open the jar in the morning and read all the lovely things we have said about one another, thus feeling warm and fuzzy inside.  I love this tradition, but am always willing tag on some more simple traditions, so really you have any ideas for me, please let me know!!    


Katzzmcd said…
what a great idea!
Danielle said…
Oh thanks! I enjoy it and everyone else a good sport about it, so i believe it us a success!

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