My version of Taco Salad

If you are like me then you understand just how hard it is to get motivated to eat healthy.  Nothing seems to taste as delightful, as fattening comfort food, and on a cold winter day none the less.  But this taco salad hit the spot.  And so I am willing to share anything that has me going for thirds.  Enjoy!
 Your List:
Black Beans
Taco Seasoning
Chips-tortilla chips, or just some hard shell tacos
Ranch Dressing
1st Step:  Get Yourself a big ole bowl. 
2nd:  Get all Your Canned Foods out of the way.  Open up all your canned items and throw them in the bowl.

3rd Step: It's Chopping time!  Chop up those tomaotes, cucumbers, peppers and really anything else you'd like to chop and add.  I had to chop my olives, seeing that I bought them unchopped.  But if you like onions, go on and add them!  If you like avaocados, now is the time to chop em up.  Side note: I bought avocados specicifually for this salad and forgot to use them. Doh! Chop, chop, chop and then throw em in the bowl!

4th Step:  Add Taco Seasoning and MIX!  Mix it up real good!

5th Step: Add the Lettuce, mix some more!
6th Step: Chips Please!  Crush up your chips and mush them into the delectible dinner/lunch/breakfast, however your eating it really.
7th Step: Add Ranch dressing to your liking and mix.  Want to go healthier?  I'm sure olive oil will do just fine!  After all that mixing it is time to EAT!!!  You must consume right away!  To avoid sogginess, unless of course you like sogginess, then go on and wait.  ;-)

And Viola!  You have a simple, easy, vegetarian dinner, that is GOOD for you and DELICIOUS!! ENJOY!

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Katzzmcd said…
we make a version of this too! i don't really like tacos per se, so I make this with a base of tortilla chips. I HIGHLY recommend the organic blue tortilla chips in the organic aisle. lot less salt and they taste GREAT with taco salad!
Danielle said…
Mmm I'll have to try that!

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