Less is More

         I was always under the impression that More is MORE!!  Ever since I was a kid I counted my Christmas gifts.  Quantity was most certainly better than quality, right?   As I got older I zoomed in on the more will make me happier philosphy.  As a teenager it was about the clothes, makeup, cds, dates, etc.   I always figured that more of these things would definitley calm the craving.  But it didn't.  MORE WAS NEVER ENOUGH!!! 
 And then I got married, and it seems to me, that the big green monster grew inside me tenfold.  I would compare and compare.  So and so has a BIGGER house!!  I need a 3,000 square foot home!!  I WANT IT!!! How much acreage do they own???  That's how much I WANT!!  So and so is going WHERE on vacation?!?  NO WAY!!!  I WAANNNTTT TO GO THERE!!!  So and so has five kids and I only have two, I want MORE KIDS!! Yes, I did feel that way beleive it or not.
 She just had a baby a month agao?!?  Are you kidding me!?!  I WANT that body!!  My friend so and so is a FULL TIME stay at home mom!! No fair (at that time I was watching five kids and waitressing)  Side note: I'm watching one before school girl now for an hour and a half four days a week, which really feels like possibly the easiest job in the world and not like a job at all.
         It seems I was soo busy focusing on what I didn't have that I COMPLETELY forgot to count my blessings.  I live in a comfortable cozy cape cod that is just the right size for our family of four. We get to go camping as a family, the hubby and I get to take mini weekend vacations, I'm pretty much a stay at home mom now, but even with all the previous stresses and jobs I still got to be home with my girls.  We are a healthy and happy family whom gets to spend TIME with one another.  And TIME: well that my friend is priceless.
This is why simplifying has just been such a wonderful thing for me  It's made me focus on PEOPLE, not things. I've realized that clutter is confusing.  Too many choices and too many distractions, takes away what makes this life so beautiful.  In the end if you lose everything the only items that would be priceless to lose would be your family, the people in your life. 
This is what Minimalism is doing to me.  It's making me think and appreciate, and take a step back.  It's bringing me closer to family and God, and distancing me from the distractions of worldly materials. In truthfulness I still suffer from this in some aspects, though they may not be tangible things, they are still strong desires in which I compare and covet from others-I want to be a famous fictions author, popular blog, be more in shape.  But I will always be a work in progress, because no is perfect especially not me.  Have you felt the jealousy bug gnawing at you lately.  How do you cope with this?Have you had to take a step back and count your blessings?  Love to hear about it. 
PS some pics of things I'm continuing to clean out
Not sure why the picture is acting funny.  But as you can see the desk is organized.  If you saw how this looked before OH MY!  It was not a pretty sight.  The goal is toactually get rid of this desk entirely.  It's a spring/summer goal.

This is MY junk drawer, and the junk is gone!  With the exception of jewlery boxes

Winter shirts, it used to be stuffed to the brim and of course half of it I never wore anyway-a lot of just in case sweaters. 

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